Nutrition in team sports

nutrition and sport

To know the nutritional needs in team sports we must take into account the nutritional requirements, both at the level of the individual athlete and the collective. In addition, the term « team sports » includes very different sports: soccer, basketball, field hockey, volleyball, etc. Also taking into account the different modalities and profiles that we can … Lire la suite

The importance of good infant nutrition during the growth phase

nutrition childs

Today we are going to analyze the importance of good child nutrition during the growth phase of the child. Food has an impact on both physical and intellectual growth, hence the importance of a healthy and balanced diet. Food plays a very important role in people’s health. It is essential that during childhood, children have … Lire la suite

Disease index definition: learn what is a disease index

disease index

There is a huge plethora of diseases in the world that requires a big database for scientific and epidemic study purposes. The need for easy compilation of health records gave birth to the disease index. This post promises to shed more light on the disease index, the purposes, and the benefits of having a quality … Lire la suite

Presentation of the department of health Washington DC

washington dc

Washington DC remains the capital of the USA and is one of the top cities in the world. There are many agencies in charge of medicine and health, but all are subsumed under the Department of Health, Tumwater, Washington DC. We will present an overview of the health department of the Washington DC government and … Lire la suite

CBD health solutions: Why CBD could be a good idea for health?


CBD or Cannabidiol is one of the compounds found in marijuana. It is often known to give a “high” feeling to its users. However, contrary to how it is portrayed, CBD offers numerous health benefits and solutions to certain ailments. It has been used as a medical alternative in treating some health issues. CBD can … Lire la suite

Diffuse disease definition: learn what is a diffuse disease

diffuse disease

The lungs are a very vital part of the human body, as it performs many functions especially aiding in breathing. Diffuse disease simply refers to a lung disorder that affects the interstitium, making it stiff and inflamed. In extreme cases, diffuse disease can cause death, therefore, it should be treated with uttermost urgency. What is … Lire la suite

What Are The Most Health Problems in the u.s ?


The USA remains the most advanced western nation in the world when it comes to medical care and health facilities. There are numerous health problems in the country due to many factors according to the American public health association. We will discuss some health problems in the USA, how these health problems can be treated, … Lire la suite