What Are The Most Health Problems in the u.s ?

The USA remains the most advanced western nation in the world when it comes to medical care and health facilities. There are numerous health problems in the country due to many factors according to the American public health association. We will discuss some health problems in the USA, how these health problems can be treated, and the benefits of treating these problems.

Why there are so many health problems in the USA

Health care is a major problem in the USA because it is estimated that every 1 out of 4 Americans have an underlying illness. This is especially the case for those above 40 years according to the National Research Council and Institute of Medicine. The USA has so many health problems because of the following:

Poor nutrition

With the investment in farming and food production, many Americans still practice poor nutrition. Many take too much of a diet without spreading a balanced diet in meals. According to the US food and nutrition service, more than 60% of Americans have an unbalanced diet.

Lack of regular exercise

Many American citizens don’t practice good exercise. Many see fitness as more of sport and not personal development. This has led many Americans to have obesity, stroke, and other health issues.

Tobacco and alcohol

Many Americans indulge in the unhealthy practice of binge-drinking and excessive tobacco usage. The substance abuse and mental health association said in December 2020 that 22.5% of American health issues can be traced to too much alcohol and drug usage.

How can health problems in the USA be treated?

Health experts have said that health problems in the USA can be treated if you take the right measures.

Eat well

Taking a regular balanced diet is heavily advised because it solves more than 70% of health issues. Hence, adding milk, lots of vegetables, and water to your diet will go a long way in treating and preventing many illnesses.

Engage in regular fitness and exercises

The CDC (center for disease council) has advised all citizens that 30 minutes of daily fitness activity can remove more than 78% of sickness. You don’t have to register with a fitness agency, engaging in an exercise like jogging for some minutes, aerobic exercises in the room can go a long way.

Get enough rest

While it is true that everyone must work to eat, getting quality rest is necessary to treat many health issues in the US. People are advised to have at least seven hours of sleep daily and also take leave from work.

Benefits of treating health problems in the USA

There are many pros for having to deal with various health problems in the USA, they are:

Reducing severe illnesses risk

With so many health problems in the USA like diabetes, high blood pressure, cancer, and stroke, preventing these illnesses and having a good lifestyle reduces your risk of having them.

Increasing long life

Death, they say will come to us all. However, having that excellent lifestyle and treating the numerous health problems in the USA will decrease the mortality ratio in the country.

Helping you recover faster from illness

Good diet, regular exercise, and quality health care help improve your immunity. This aids quicker response during illnesses. As a matter of fact, good treatment helps produce toxins and cells which helps fight viruses that could harm you.

The USA has many health problems which can be linked to many factors, however, treating these health problems has many benefits to everyone.